SK Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight
SK Dave Abbott
State Deputy

David Waage
Chapter President

SK Javier Baro
District Deputy

Council Officers

Matt Olson
Grand Knight

Javier Duarte

Mike Young
SK Michael Young

Wayne Pianfetti
SK Wayne Pianfetti, PGK

SK Jesse Ponce
1 Year Trustee

Joe Plummer
Deputy Grand Knight

David Dockstader

James Harmon
James Harmon

Brian Stark
Inside Guard

SK Tom Tighe, PGK
2 Year Trustee

Fr. Charles Hofschulte, CJ

Ed Elizondo
SK Ed Elizondo
Financial Secretary

Trent Benedetti
SK Trent Benedetti, PGK

Bill Potts
Outside Guard

SK Steve DeMarco
3 Year Trustee

Council Directors and Chairmen

Joe Plummer
Program Director

LeRoy Cordero
Community Coordinator

Bill Bodrogi

Joe Plummer
Newsletter Editor

Trent Benedetti
SK Trent Benedetti, PGK

Steve DeMarco
Family Coordinator

SK Bill Veroski
Faith Coordinator

Dick McGreevy
Dick McGreevy
Pro Life Coordinator

Joe Ponce
SK Joe Ponce

All brother Knights are encouraged to seek the opportunities to become Officers and Directors in our Council. The following link will provide you with a description of the different Officer positions and responsibilities associated with each.  For a more in depth discussion on these or any other responsibilities in the council, speak with any of the above Officers, Directors or Trustees.

Council Officers’ Duties